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We produce personalized rings to your specifications with custom designs and engravings for the bride or groom. Get your ring settings and save money by ordering online. We guarantee quality jewelry.


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Celebrate your nuptials with your own unique style with platinum rings. We have designs with many styles including modern, vintage and antique.

Great selection of platinum bands, wedding rings and engagement rings made by fine craftsmen. The last 10 years we have concentrated on Hand Made platinum jewelry. We employ expert craftsmen who produce the exquisite ring designs you see online.

Ring designs can be modified to fit your personal requirements. Hand engraving is another feature which makes our rings extra special. We use the Best Mix and most Expensive: 90% Platinum and 10% Iridium. All designs are made to fit your center stone and can be modified for your needs.

Flat platinum wedding bands are very popular because they may be worn alone or with a diamond engagement ring. We can also mount a platinum head to hold any size diamond you may want mounted.



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